About Us
Overbay Designs operates its firm out of West Milton, Ohio. We offer Web Site Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphic Design services to all types of businesses in the Dayton Ohio area. The services we offer include website development and re-design, hosting, maintenance, marketing, search engine optimization and analysis, graphic design and consulting services.

Overbay Designs has developed a system for offering many different types of web services (website development, hosting, marketing, and maintenance) that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of your business.

Given our experience and expertise in both commercial Website development and business-to-business sales, we believe we can offer a unique and superior service to your company, in comparison to what is currently available.

The demand for Website development and marketing services in the business market is at an all time high. We believe the reason for the high demand is because there are few development firms to service this market at an affordable cost. We have developed a system that dramatically reduces steep project costs and henceforth will allow us to offer the same high-end Website development services as larger companies receive at a much lower cost to all business owners.

We have been developing websites for the past 9 years for many different types of organizations, including:

  • Communities
  • Cities
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Small Businesses
  • Large Corporations
  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Doctor's Offices
  • Law Firms

Overbay Designs has developed a system that allows organizations with a small budget to have a custom designed website that looks and functions the same as an organization with a large budget.  We welcome the opportunity to work with your company.


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