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What Can a Content Management System Web Site Do For Me?

  • Content Management SolutionsDoes your Web site offer the relevant content that affects your business today – not last month?
  • Do your clients and prospective clients utilize your Web site on a consistent basis?
  • Have you invested a great deal of time, talent and money into Web development and still aren't getting the results you want?

A content management system gives you the control to make your Internet presence the powerful marketing, sales and communications tool it was intended to be. Overbay Designes can implement a content management system that gives authorized users the ability to contribute, share and distribute information via your organization's web site with out having to have any programming knowledge.

With a content management system, your development team will have the ability to keep your Web site up-to-date with:

  • Information
  • Product shots
  • Web links
  • Contact information
  • And news about your organization.

Our content management systems helps you to overcome two major obstacles to Web updates of the past: Ability and Accessibility.


You don't have to be a Web guru or a graphic design expert. In fact, you don't have to have any advanced training at all. You can add new pages, update information, upload photographs, and more, with simple mouse clicks.

  • Update statistics, pricing and other volatile information – weekly, daily, or even hourly!
  • Upload your latest product shots.
  • Insert important Web links.
  • Maintain a current contact information page.
  • Set time-sensitive information to be removed once the event has passed.

You will have the ability to offer the most current and relevant information to your customers and potential customers with a Content Management System.


With a content management system, the responsibility of managing your Web site content development is spread among as many or as few people as you want. Different users are given various rights to edit pages throughout the site.

All site administration takes place through a Web browser, with most administration occurring on the actual page itself. Users who have administration rights to a certain area, page or even item on a page will simply see an "EDIT PAGE" button in the lower right of that page. Users who don't have rights to edit that page won't see the "EDIT PAGE" button.


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