Custom Web Site Design
Custom Web Site DesignA custom designed website simply means a website that is built from the ground up custom fit to meet your company needs. Overbay Designs' Custom designed websites do not use templates as the foundation for the web pages. Each website is unique. All of the graphics, and colors are created to suit each company's identity. Custom designed websites tend to look more professional than template based websites.

Also with a custom designed website, companies have more flexibility as to what they want to do with their website. They are not locked in to a template so anything they want on their website is possible.

Here at Overbay Designs, we build custom designed websites with custom Professional Graphics. The website that you wish to build can be static, or a database driven website (dynamic). We can build administrative sections into our websites to give you the ability to edit your web site without having html knowledge.


Content Management

With a content management system, the responsibility of managing your Web site content development is spread among as many or as few people as you want. Different users are given various rights to edit pages throughout the site and the best thing of all is they don’t have to have any technical knowledge at all! If they can use a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, they can edit, change, or add a new page. Read more about our content management solutions. Learn more...

Message Boards

Would you like to create an online community and provide message boards for people to communicate through? Or would you like to just have an interactive Frequently Asked Questions section about your different products or services? Overbay Designs can help by implementing a Message Board into your custom designed website or your existing website


Would you like to have a Weblog (Blog) on your website so that you can continue to provide information to your customers or viewers on a continuous basis? Then our Blog solutions are second to none, by implementing a user friendly and search engine friendly Blog solution.

Custom Programming

Overbay Designs uses many different programming languages for our custom designed websites. Below is a list of some the programming languages we use:

ASP | | CGI | Cold Fusion | DHTML | Flash | HTML | InterDev | Java | JavaScript | .NET | Perl | PHP| VBScript | XML

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Website Packages

Overbay Designs offers solutions for all types of businesses. In addition to our custom designed web sites. We offer web site packages to help fit the need of your company. We can even customize each package if needed.


E-Commerce Solutions

Overbay Designs builds user-friendly e-commerce solutions. Our solutions are "search engine friendly", and easily manageable. When we build an e-commerce website, we build it with an administrative section so that you can update the products and pricing yourself. We can incorporate shopping carts into your e-commerce website.

Professional Graphics

All of the graphics that Overbay Designs creates are custom created to match the professionalism of your company. We even build flash animations, or animated gifs. If you can think of it, we can create it. Contact Overbay Designs today, to speak with a representative.

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Dynamic Websites

The great thing about custom designed websites is the ability to have dynamic content displayed on it. Dynamic content is content that is generated from a database. You might have information stored in databases, or have Overbay Designs create a database for you to store information, and then have it displayed when requested. This would be useful for pricing information, membership information, product specification sheets, and much more. When a representative consults with you about designing your website, if a dynamic website will save you time and money, then they will make the suggestion to build a database driven website.
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